Review Score Guide

After talking with a couple of friends over the score I gave a certain film they would sometimes think that I had scored a film badly if I gave it a 6 or 7. So, I decided to create this breakdown of my scores just to stop any further confusion over my thoughts on a film.

10 – One of the best films of the year (or if it’s a retro review then whatever year it was). If you’re of age then definitely go and see this one. While no film can be considered “perfect”, the films that I give 10/10 to are what I would consider to be a contender for the filmic canon.

9 to 8 – A sterling effort. Even if you’re not a fan of the genre or actor I would strongly recommend that you go and watch it. It will generally have a few slip ups but nothing that can’t be over looked in the grand scheme of the film.

7 to 6 – Will find love and adoration from the right people, but to the general audience it will just seem like an average film. If you saw the trailer and liked the look of it then it gets my recommendation. The problems with these will also be small ones, but just enough to knock it out of the top tier.

5 to 4 – A film that is truly neutral (because it’s the number in between 10 and 1, obviously). It’s neither good nor bad, but just incredibly mediocre and general. Some possible high points but usually just an un-fun slog of a film. It won’t be the worst thing you’ve watched all year but it’s not something you are going to rave about to your friends.

3 to 2 – Now we’re getting into the genuine bad stuff. While there may have been the crux of an interesting film with something to say, it is usually squandered or intentionally distilled. Maybe one for completists of a certain director, but you really shouldn’t give this film your time.

1 – I have no words. Actually no, I have a lot to say about films that I score 1. To get a 1 doesn’t mean just being a bad film, there is usually something rotten at the core. The film could be poorly made, intellectually offensive or morally bankrupt, or it could be all three. In short there is no redeeming quality. If you go see this you are wilfully pushing cinematic poison into your eyes.

And so that’s it. Thank you for reading through the scores list and for visiting The Student Film Review. Now you can understand my thought process for what score a give a film.

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