My Story

Back in September 2014 I went off to university to study both Film and Creative Writing. With seminars/lectures on film happening almost every day, my lecturers said it would be good to keep up to date with the most recent film screenings.

After a few screenings with fellow students an idea formed in my head; start a review website. Ever since I was in primary school, journalism had always been a job that I thought I would enjoy so I decided to put that thought into action. I went back and forth for several weeks, tweaking my reviews and the website until I thought it was ready for publication.

The Student Film Review officially started on the 31st of January 2015 with the dual release of the Big Hero 6 and Whiplash reviews. And here we are, several months in and still going strong.

I must thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for visiting the website. Your views keep me motivated to bring the latest reviews to you, along with a few other film related works. But enough of my story, I’m off to go watch some films.


Tom, The Student Film Critic.

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